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Privacy Policy

When you use the ‘Contact Me’ submission page you are requested , on the form, to fill in any information you would like to share. Ie: Name, email , phone number and the message you would like to send. There are no requirements to complete any or all sections. Whatever information you send is only read by me. If it elicits a response I will get back to you however if its just to say hi…enjoyed the music etc then there is no need for me to respond unless there is a contact email or telephone number on the form. My response will be only to thank you for taking the time to get in touch.

Once I have read the submission and if it warrants no response or I am unable to respond due to incorrect data being provided by sender ie: telephone number incorrect or email address wrong or incomplete then the email is deleted from my email account.

If you wish me to sing at an event or there is a need to contact you , at your request, then by continuing the contact you are agreeing for me to respond to your requests, as highlighted in User Agreement part on bottom of Contact Me submission form.

If the opportunity to sing or other contact is no longer required your contact form and any other emails and information will be deleted from my account.

Under no circumstances will you be contacted unless you specifically request it.


To Conclude

Your data is not shared nor sold to anyone

All correspondence is read and responded to by myself

Your data, sent in the Contact Me submission sheet is only used to respond to requests or to say thank you for visiting the site.                   These responses will never ask you to buy or purchase any goods.

Once the submission form is read it is either deleted or responded to. If further communication takes place and then communication is no longer required, it is all  deleted.

No data is held in a data bank or for future use.

You will never receive marketing information from me from using this site.

There is no need to ask to amend or delete data you have sent as its only used to respond to you, if its required,then deleted.

All data you send us is via the form and it only contains data you chose to ,and wish to share.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the above.



 For further information on Data Protection please copy and paste the link below:


Terms of Service  

You must be aged 16 or over to access this site.



You may browse this site and listen to and/or read any information on this site.

All intellectual property on this site be it images [album covers] , music, lyrics, video or the written word is owned wholly by Johnny Caddell and cannot be used without permission.

Videos on this site contain songs that have not been written by Johnny Caddell. These include: 

Dance with me, when you were sweet sixteen and the old rugged cross. for the purposes of this policy the word 'Video' means the performance and video content but does not claim copyright of the afore mentioned songs.  The only exception to this is The Last Rose of Summer whose words are now in the public domain and the music was written by and performed by johnny caddell. Photos of roses copyright :Katie Nuttall.

There is no advertising agenda. What is on this site is for your enjoyment. Should you wish to purchase my music use the Album selections on the navigation bar or go online to other providers ie:itunes, amazon etc.

 I am not responsible for how other sites use your data.

This site does not sell music directly to you.

A Third party site [] sells my albums and therefore they have their own General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) policy.

Contact them for further information.


Therefore you will never receive marketing emails or updates from my site.

I do not collect your data as no data is collected through monetary transactions etc.


Any correspondence with us will be at your request.